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The Palestinian affairs  and
The United Nations 1947-1949
 - The Icelandic participation

UNISPAL -  UN database
with documents on the Question

of Palestine

Timeline of the Palestinian
question at the UN in 1947

Press release on the election
of officers in the Ad Hoc Committee
on the Palestinian question (

Rapport of the Ad Hoc Committee
on the Palestinian question (PDF

Thor Thors the Icelandic
representative to the UN

The speech of Rapporteur Thor Thors
on the Ad Hoc Committee Rapport
November 26 1947

How Iceland ended up with the hot potato at the UN

Present at the birth 1947
From the book Abba Eban, An Autobiography

The speech of Ambassador Thor Thors
on the Palestinian Question, November 29 1947

From the Palestine Post 30 November 1947

Yearbook of the United Nations 1947-48
The Question of Palestine
Debate on the Israeli application for UN
May 11 1949 (PDF

Thor Thors in memoriam