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The Feast of Tabernacles
 in Jerusalem

The Feast of Tabernacles is one of three major feasts in the Bible, along with
Easter and Pentecost.

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem has organized a special conference and festivities on the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem, for Christian people from all over the world.  

 On the Feast of Tabernacles, Christian people from the various nations can meet with each other, participate in the festivities and have a great opportunity to be a living testimony to the fact, that there are Christian individuals all over the world, that love their creator — the God of Israel, believe firmly in the promises of God for Israel in the Bible and wish to be a blessing for the nation of Israel by their words and deeds.
Mr. Olafur Johannsson is representing the International Christian Embassy in Iceland. He has for many years, organized tours from Iceland, to participate in the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem.

The International
Christian Embassy
in Jerusalem




The tour started on the 18. of September, with a flight from Keflavik Iceland to Copenhagen in Denmark.
The next day, the tour continued from
Kastrup Airport to Ben-Gurion Airport in Israel, with a short stop in Vienna.

Copenhagen Town Hall Square

From Ben-Gurion Airport we went up to Jerusalem

View over Jerusalem to the south

On the Saturday,  21. of September, we went to Ein Gedi, near the Dead Sea. At Ein Gedi, we saw the enormous desert mountains and had the privilege to watch glorious praise and dancing performances, on a stage that has been prepared, specially for these gatherings.

  It is an unforgettable experience to participate in the praise and see the multicolored lights, that move back and forth on the mountain slopes and watch the full moon rise above the Dead Sea.


The opening ceremony started at the conference center in
Jerusalem on Sunday evening the

The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Ariel Sharon honoured the gathering with his presence. He addressed the audience with warm words of welcome and was greeted with a thundering applause many times.
          Listen to Mr.  Sharon's speech       The text of the speech


The representative in Iceland
 for the International Christian
Embassy, Mr. Olafur
 Johannsson, on  the stage
 with the Icelandic flag.



On Monday evening, the first speaker was the well known Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Ehud Olmert. He thanked the participants, for their unfailing friendship, in these difficult times for Jerusalem and the state of Israel.


In the afternoon on the 24.
the we gathered together
 in a beautiful park in Jerusalem called Sachar,
 to participate in the annual
Jerusalem March.


Here is a part of the Icelandic
group waiting for the march
to start. 

The children have already started to collect flags, from
 the different nations.



Here we see
Iceland written both
in English and

Our neighbours and
friends form Denmark
on the left


The Jerusalem March, is an unforgettable experience for each and
everyone that takes part in it.   You feel the warmth and thankfulness from
the people in the city of Jerusalem, that go out and fill the streets, to
give the guests a warm welcome, "baruch haba". It is also beautiful
 to see the joy of the children, when they are collecting all sorts of flags
 from the many nations that take part.

Here we see the last part of
the Jerusalem March. The
representatives from Switzerland and Zimbabwe.